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Perk Individual Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Legal Perks
Voting Rights
Member Listing 1
Digital Badge
Eligible for Freelance Leads
Eligible for Agency Leads
Tier 1 Swag
Tier 2 Swag
Tier 3 Swag
Exclusive Glass Trophy
Logo on Limited Annual Merch
Business Perks
M.Academy Discount
Magento Plugin Discount 2
Adobe Certification Discount 3
Meet Magento Discount 4
  1. Individuals are listed with their avatar image. Bronze and higher are listed with their company logo.
  2. 25% discount on all aheadWorks plugins.
    15% discount on Magento and Adobe Commerce PhpStorm plugin by Atwix.

  3. 10% discount on all Adobe Certifications.
  4. The discount percentages for Meet Magento tickets vary from event to event.
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    Start your support journey with our community
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    Enhance your commitment and community impact
  • Gold Membership
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